Monty Roberts’ Horsemanship 101

As a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, the first in Africa, Simon is part of an elite team that is qualified by Monty Roberts to teach his internationally recognized Horsemanship Courses.

The Monty Roberts Horsemanship 101 is designed for those new to horses or returning after a long break. The two-day course works both individually with participants, and in small groups, to understand how horses think and why they behave the way they do.

A wonderful introduction to Monty Roberts’ world-renowned gentle yet effective horsemanship, the course will provide a solid foundation in ground manners, enabling participants to work comfortably and safely around horses, and overcome any fears.

Perfect as a parent-child experience or for couples to introduce their non-equestrian partner to horses, each activity is tailored to the participants’ varying levels of ability (individual participants welcome).

Classroom discussion will provide an introduction to how horses think and behave, while practical sessions will teach you how to approach, halter, lead, groom and move safely around a horse. You will learn the basic concept behind Monty Roberts’ Dually® halter and after watching Join-Up® demonstrations, will experience a guided round pen session to feel the power of inter-species communication.

Learning to fit a Dually halter
Monty Roberts Horsemanship 101
Join-Up and Follow-Up with a horse - building a trust-based partnership

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • Non-violent approach to working with a horse

  • An introduction to Equus – the horses’ natural communication system

  • Building a trust-based partnership

  • Approaching, touching and handling a horse

  • How horses learn, think and see

  • Join-Up in the round pen

  • Grooming a horse

  • How to fit and use the Dually Training Halter

  • Spatial awareness, breathing and intention

Classes are kept small with a maximum of 6 to 8 participants to ensure individual attention. All participants receive a certificate of attendance.

Better Communication Through Horses

By learning how to gain a horse’s trust on the ground, participants will have more confidence and understanding of horse behaviour in the saddle.

And whether you are new to horses, a novice rider, or at competition stage – this course has been proven to provide a multitude of benefits to the participants, from improved confidence and self-esteem, to better spatial awareness and improved sensory integration, to reduced stress, better emotional control and developed empathy.

As they develop their relationship with their horses, participants learn what it takes to earn another being’s trust. Knowing how to earn someone’s trust is key to building successful relationships, not only in the riding arena, but in all other aspects of life as well.

As participants learn to work in groups, build sound groundwork methods, and work in a partnership with their horses, they will learn the value of effective communication. Learning to ride requires developing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. A rider that fails to develop these skills will not advance very far in their relationship with their equine partner. Likewise, effective communication skills outside of the arena will improve their interactions with others at home, at school, at work and at play.

It is often stated that “Communication is Key” and that certainly rings true with horsemanship. And by developing sound groundwork skills and an understanding of a horse’s natural behaviour, participants will develop important skills and coping mechanisms in all areas of life.

Student learning Dually Halter work in Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship
Herding exercises - Driving a horse with your body
Learning to groom a horse, hoof care - Equiville Horsemanship

Cost, Dates & Bookings

The Monty Roberts Horsemanship 101 can be held as either one or two full days, from 09:00 am to 03:30 pm.

Perfect for corporate team-building days, couples’ bonding, and parent-child days, a Horsemanship 101 clinic can be scheduled at your convenience, at your venue or ours, with a minimum of 4 – 6 participants.

The course costs R 1,500 for a one-day or R 2,500 for 2 days, per person.

Space is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Larger groups can be accommodated with a tailored package.