Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship

As a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, the first in Africa, Simon is part of an elite team that is qualified by Monty Roberts to teach his internationally recognized Horsemanship Courses.

The Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship is the first step to gaining an in-depth understanding of Monty Roberts’ concepts. The course is suitable for students of any age (16+), and all levels of equine experience (your instructor will pair you with horses and tasks suited to your abilities). However, as it is a 2-week, intensive course, for those with little or no horse knowledge, we recommend prior participation in a Horsemanship 101 Clinic.

Through demonstrations, practical sessions, and classroom discussions you will be provided with a well-rounded knowledge in the basics of horse care, performance, breeding, feeding and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on horse psychology. As the foundation of Monty Roberts’ work and a prerequisite for the Advanced Course, you will learn the method of Join-Up® as it relates to various environments. You will have the opportunity to build your skills in Dually® halter work, long-lining, herding exercises, horse desensitization and trailer loading.

Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship - Join-Up with a horse
Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship - Dually Halter training
Trailer Loading a horse - Monty Roberts courses

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • How the Dually® Halter can be used to improve the relationship with your horse

  • Equus – the horses’ natural communication system, and how we can use it to build a willing, trusting partnership with our horse

  • Balance lines and driving a horse with your body

  • Fitting a bridle on a difficult horse

  • Fly spraying a sensitive horse

  • The full Join-Up® process

  • How horses learn

  • Preparing your horse for the first saddle and reins

  • Tacking up to effectively long line

  • The benefits and practical uses of long-lining

  • Transitioning from the Dually® Halter to a bridle

  • Washing your horse – the stress-free way

  • Training your horse from the ground

  • Desensitizing your horse to a variety of objects

  • Protecting your horse – wraps, boots etc

  • Stress-free trailer loading

  • The Intro Exams – what to expect and how to prepare

  • And more …

Following on your two weeks at our facilities, you will return home to continue practicing what you have learned. By sending us videos you can continue to receive our feedback on your work.  It is also during this period that you study theory on horse performance, breeding, feeding and nutrition. When we determine that you are ready, you will return for practical and written exams, at successful completion of which, you will graduate from the Introductory Course and be eligible to take the Advanced Course (at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in California).

Included in the cost of the course is a Dually halter and a set of long lines to take home, and a 6-month subscription to Monty Roberts’ Equus Online University. These tools will support your continuing education in Monty Roberts’ methods.

Monty Roberts Introductory Course - Tacking up for effective long lining
Desensitizing a spooky horse to plastic - Monty Roberts Certified Instructor Simon d'Unienville
Long lining a horse in the starting process - Monty Roberts Certified Instructor Simon Marrier d'Unienville

Take the First Steps to Better Horsemanship

Developing these essential horsemanship skills will help you to maintain clear, concise and consistent daily interactions with your horse, helping you to build a willing partnership based on trust. And in turn, you will have a happier, more well-mannered, more cooperative horse – both on the ground and under-saddle.

Working as a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor you could be:

Please note: The Introductory Course of Horsemanship does not enable you to teach any Monty Roberts courses or train horses using his name / methods. It is only the first step to achieving status as a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor.

Following on from the Introductory Exams you will be required to complete the 3-week Advanced Course and 2-week Advanced Exams (at Flag Is Up Farms in California). On successful completion of the Advanced Exams, selected students may be invited for the 3-month Instructor’s Internship (at Flag Is Up Farms). Monty Roberts will assess you at the end of your three months, and depending on your progress, you may need to complete further training, or you may be ready to graduate and join the exclusive and limited ranks of Monty Roberts Instructors.

Cost, Dates & Bookings

The 10-day Introductory Course is from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm, Mon – Fri.

Course fees include a Dually halter and set of long lines to take home. And a 6-month subscription to the Monty Roberts Equus Online University. Plus 8 to 24 months of continued mentorship with distance learning modules and field study (with video feedback).

The course costs R 22,900 (US$ 1,650) per person.

Space is limited to a maximum of 6 students.